'Jersey Shore's Latin Remake 'Acapulco Shore' Has Been Bound to Happen For Years

If you didn't know already (A.K.A., if you've been spared from their monstrosities), Jersey Shore has a handful of international remakes that are already dominating the airwaves in their respective countries. England has Geordie Shore, Wales has The Valleys, Spain has Gandia Shore, and Poland has Warsaw Shore (seriously) — all shows featuring overly tan, overly plastic borderline alcoholics who just want to have a good time and let the world see them pass out and be general hot messes on television. So, really when you think about it, it was only a matter of time until Latin America got its own version: After all, they've already copied Gossip Girl with Gossip Girl: Acapulco , so Jersey Shore had to be next on that list. According to Variety, a Latin America-version of Jersey Shore called Acapulco Shore is in the works, and will premiere on MTV Latin America and MTV's bilingual U.S. network, Tr3s.

Yep. I can't make this up.

And don't worry, the folks over at MTV Latin America know what they're doing: In the words of the MTV Latin America brand manager, "Drama, friendship and partying — the hallmarks of the MTV franchise are all encapsulated in Acapulco Shore." Just in case you were worried about getting your fill of that.

Acapulco Shore, if you're into it, will premiere in September. The cast members will probably look similar to those guys up there.

Image: MTV