This Coloring Book For Grown Ups Is a Great Way to Relive Your Childhood, In An R-Rated Sort of Way

Remember the days of coloring books, back when you could spend hours passing time with a box of crayons, shading in pictures of TV characters and mythical creatures? As a kid I remember taking it all deathly seriously, but, thinking about it now it seems like a very soothing activity. Which is why it seems a shame they don't have coloring books for grown ups. Or do they?

Turns out there is a coloring book for those of us who have at least sort of outgrown shading in pictures of unicorns. It's called the Coloring Book for Grown-Ups, self-described as "like kindergarten but with more drinking," and it features all sorts of activities that are unfortunately relevant to your life as a non-child: re-gifting (hopefully to a different person), drawing things on a passed out person's face, and trying to tell the difference between a homeless person and a hipster. You know, all the stuff that those kiddie coloring books never prepared you for. Sorry, guys, it turns out life isn't all unicorns and rainbows.

The Coloring Book for Grown-Ups is the creation of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen, the comedy duo behind the YouTube video "Hipster Olympics" and is available at Amazon for anyone who's in their twenties but still wants a coloring book. And if you're too drunk to color in between the lines, all the better.

For more images, check out the full coloring book. It can keep your Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book company.