Why 'Clueless' Is The Essential High School Movie

Just as quickly as it arrived, summer is soon reaching the end of its time. Fall will be upon us, and so will memories of your teenage school days of yore. Even if you absolutely hated high school, which of course you did otherwise you're not a real person, I DARE YOU to pretend that you didn't at least kind of enjoy the excitement of cracking open composition notebooks and the fresh plastic smell of a shiny new three-ring binder. Your pencils were sharpened. Your gel markers were in rainbow order. Your new backpack hadn't been broken in yet and your glue sticks were still fresh and your pens still had ink. You had a badass back-to-school outfit all planned out. Life was good. Or maybe that was just me and I was that kid who was really into color coding as a way of dealing with teenage angst. That's also possible.

Even if high school was the worst ever, which it probably was, that doesn't mean you can't rejoice in the beginning that is the start of a new school year and fall season. It is my personal belief that there is no better was to celebrate the memories of high school days gone by than with the essential, most critical high school movie ever made: CLUELESS. Clueless encapsulates that innocent time in one's young life when your outfit means everything and you have crushes on guys that tuck their shirts into their pants. Clueless is the movie you wish your life was in high school, if it wasn't already. And it probabaly was:

It depicts the daily struggles of adolescent life with, like, depth and complexity

Like, totally.

You definitely did this in high school and no one even thought it was gross

Don't lie.

This was you, like, all the time...

Because it made you feel like...

But then you'd end up like...

Worth it.

You thought you were so cool...


But you really just wanted to fit in:

Yes, you were beautiful in high school. Beautiful and so very, very awkward.

This was THE ULTIMATE insult:


When you had a crush...

You crushed hard.

This was like, 3rd base to you

Totally counts.

You had one of these pens

And you LOVED IT.

Every day was a five-act drama of lust, betrayal, and teenage angst...

...in your own mind.

Images: Paramount Pictures (1), Giphy (14)