Great News, Everyone! Jesse Bradford Wants A 'Bring It On' Sequel With The Original Cast

Oh, Cliff, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Cliff. Hey, Cliff. That's right, Bring It On fans — the love interest in everyone's favorite cheerleading rom-com is totally down for another round of pom-pom-inspired shenanigans, and it makes complete sense considering the fact that Jesse Bradford will never be able to leave his infamous character behind. It's been over a decade since the film hit theaters in 2000, but that hasn't deterred diehard fans of the cult movie from stopping Cliff Pantone, er, Bradford on the street.

"It’s crazy the degree to which [Bring It On] is far and away the movie that people know me from the most, hands down," Bradford says in an interview with Bustle. "I have two inches of beard coming off my face right now, and people still recognize me."

Sure, Bradford's been in his fair share of films and TV shows since Bring It On — he's currently starring as an attorney on Crackle's new TV series Sequestered, a thriller which follows a jury locked away in a hotel while deliberating a court case — but nothing compares to his role in the film that made spirit fingers what they are today. The thing is, Bradford has no ill-feelings towards his Bring It On reputation. In fact, he was open to the idea of a sequel with the original cast as soon as the first film was released.

"I think that, essentially, our original cast made sort of a bad call, whatever it was, 15 years ago," says Bradford. "I think it was a different era in entertainment and film making, where making a sequel was not as bread and butter as it is now. I feel like that every movie that comes out now on a wide scale — not every one, bear with me, you know what I mean — are movies that are absolutely 100 percent designed to have sequels. So if you ask me, we missed an opportunity."

According to Bradford, if it was up to him, the original cast would have filmed the second movie together; however, by the time he got the call for a sequel, Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst had already declined the offer, and without his two leading ladies, Bradford wasn't going to move ahead with the project either.

"I look back and I go, wow ... if Bring It On came out yesterday and was a big hit and then they called up and said, 'Do you want to do a sequel?', I just don’t think anybody would say no," says Bradford.

"I think that sequel would have already been built into our contracts, the way things go nowadays. I think it’s funny; hindsight is twenty-twenty."

The good news is that, just because it's 14 years later, it doesn't mean that we can't gather our favorite cheerleaders for another go around. Thanks to the musings of Bring It On director Peyton Reed, Bradford thinks they've got a solid movie idea on their hands.

"[Reed and I] had a moment where we were talking about [a Bring It On sequel], and he said he always thought it would be funny to pick a really, really dark sequel to Bring It On where we’re all pathetic adults now that have failed at life," says Bradford.

"I thought that was such a great idea. I don’t know how you make that into a story, but I love that as a genesis point. Even five, six, seven, eight years ago, you couldn’t pick up Bring It On right where you left off, and now it would be impossible. But you can cut to a bunch of fat, miserable single parents who are smoking cigarettes and making mistakes. I think that’s funny as hell, personally."

You heard him, Dunst and Union — get your fat suits and spirit fingers ready. We'll be waiting.

Image: imgur; Universal Pictures