'Big Brother' Jocasta is the First Member of the Jury But Could She Return?

We've had it drilled into our heads that this would be the "most twisted summer yet" of Big Brother , and it looks like the CBS reality show is living up to that promise. During the special double eviction episode Thursday night, host Julie Chen announced that there would again be a nine-member jury to vote for the winner of this season. In a seemingly 11th hour turn of events, the houseguests decided to evict Jocasta, who became the first member of the jury.

But does that mean the next time we see Jocasta is just going to be during those special clips of the jury house and on finale night? Well, Chen had a special, little tease for us when she announced the number of members in this season's jury. Chen hinted that just because the evicted houseguests would be in the jury might not necessarily mean they're out of the game. Chen really hit us over the head with that one, didn't she?

Normally, we would totally jump to conclusions with that tidbit. At first, nine members for the jury seems like a ton. For the first 14 seasons of Big Brother , the jury only had seven members, which is much more jury-like. However, last season, with the expanded cast size, Big Brother decided to increase the jury to nine members, and it looks like the show is just continuing that trend this season, since there were originally 16 houseguests. Not to mention, if you do the math, it seems to work out that there will be three houseguests left by finale week. With one going home before the actual finale, all of the numbers seem to work out pretty normally for the remaining weeks.

However, I just can't get what Chen said out of my head. Who could ignore even a subtle clue that houseguests could return to the house after an eviction? It has happened before after all, such as when Kaysar returned to the house after being evicted during Season 6.

Well, we didn't get to see Jocasta do much this season of Big Brother, so I can't say that she would be my first choice of a jury member to return to the house. She seemed like a nice enough lady, and she definitely provided a lot of spiritual guidance for her fellow houseguests, which was mighty nice of her. We also can't forget about when it looked like she spoke in tongues during the Battle of the Block competition a few weeks back. No, I will never forget that. But basically, if this twist actually happens, as long as Caleb or Victoria don't get a chance to return to the house, I'm okay with whoever does.

Image: CBS