Theresa Caputo's Son Larry Jr. Is Very Normal for the Son of the 'Long Island Medium'

For Lawrence Giacomo Caputo (better known as Larry Jr.), growing up couldn't have been easy. After all, his mom is Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC's Long Island Medium . If you thought your parents were embarrassing growing up, imagine what it would have been like if your mom was constantly stopping strangers on the street to give them news from their dead relatives. You'd think that might scare off a few friends (or potential girlfriends), or that a traumatic ghostly experience might leave some lifetime scars. Add a reality show on top of it, and all the scrutiny that brings, and it seems you have a recipe for one screwed-up person.

The truth is, even with his mom's unusual job and being thrust into the reality-show spotlight starting at age 21, Larry Jr. is leading an incredibly normal life. With the big exception of the whole his-mom-talks-to-ghosts thing, it'd be hard to distinguish his life from a typical suburban Long Islander.

Larry Jr. went to college at the Colllege of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx, NY, where, as a senior in 2012, he was captain of the lacrosse team. Now, he lists his profession as visiting coordinator for MSG media on his LinkedIn page.

On the show, Theresa Caputo has to cope with her empty nest when Larry Jr. moves out of the house (and even puts some pressure on him to propose to his girlfriend, Leah). College, jobs, moving out, telling your mom to get off your back about being unmarried—this is all pretty normal stuff.

As the sixth season of Long Island Medium continues, here are some other ways Larry Jr. is a totally regular person.

He Can Be Embarrassed by His Parents, But He Takes It in Stride

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My mom talks to strangers all the time — and she doesn't ask anything nearly as personal as details about deceased relatives — and I still used to cringe and shrink whenever I saw her start to approach someone. I guess Larry, Jr. and I have that in common. "There's nothing more annoying at first than when someone you know — your mother — interrupts somebody's day with personal questions. It's embarrassing," he admitted at TLC's party for the show's fifth-season premiere. Still, says his mom's "super power" didn't get in the way of his social life: "Like me, my friends have grown up knowing my mom talks to dead people."

He Listens to a Certain Animated Movie Soundtrack

Do you want to build... some muscle?

He Talks a Ton of Selfies with His Girlfriend

And they make a totally cute couple. Leah Munch must feel like one lucky lady.

He's Addicted to His Favorite TV Show

Um, not that I'd know anything about being obsessed with TV.

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