How Will 'Big Brother' Jury Members Get Back in the House? We Have Some Theories

Continuing her tradition of trying to make season 16 of Big Brother the "twistiest summer yet" despite the fact that most of the votes have been unanimous and predictable, Julie Chen dropped a bombshell on Thursday's episode. Jocasta was evicted instead of Zach and became the first person to head to jury with Hayden as the second. However, Chen hinted that a jury member would return to the house and that left us all reeling. It's not like it's never happened before, but I'm a little more interested in trying to figure out how it's going to happen. Is it going to be predictable? Is it going to be twisty? Does America get any say in who they want to bring back?

After Jocasta and Hayden left, it's down between Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Donny, Frankie, Zach, Victoria, Christine, and Nicole to either make it to the final two or join the jury. Regardless of who you actually think has the potential to make it to the end, there's a chance that we can see any one of these people's faces again even if they get evicted. At the moment, the house is after Christine and Frankie, but is it really a good idea to start putting such strong players in the Jury House to decide your ultimate fate? Then again, wouldn't it be a worse idea to keep them here to ruin your game?

At this point, the house guests have to be really careful, even with the people that they get evicted from the house. But how will the jury members get the option to return? The possibilities are endless.

America's Vote

Big Brother has been making a big deal about getting America as involved in the competitions as possible thanks to the Team America alliance and the mission that we get to vote on for them to have all the time. Maybe part of this summer's twists will be that America will be the ones in charge of voting a house guest back into the house.


In Big Brother 15, the jury members got a chance to get back in the game by participating in a competition to prove themselves worthy of the honor. Big Brother's season 16 added a new competition in the form of the Battle of the Block to choose between the pairs on the eviction block, so maybe the jury member's return to the house will be orchestrated by competition.

Houseguest's Choice

Maybe Chen plans to turn the purpose of the jury around. The whole point of jury is to select who gets to receive the $500,000 at the end of the competition, but maybe the house guests will get the chance to have a voting ceremony to decide which member of jury gets to return to the house and put themselves back in the running. That could really stir up some drama as everyone tries to vote back in someone who would be best for their game and easiest to beat.

Random Draw

Who says anyone should get any say in this whatsoever? Just like they randomly choose house guests to compete in the Power of Veto competition, so too will it come down to random selection to decide who gets to return to the Big Brother house. That would definitely introduce a wild element to the game as we'd have no way of knowing if it would be a weak player or a strong player coming back to the competition.

Activity Tracker

Big Brother season 16 has made a huge deal about these activity trackers, but they haven't seemed to do very much with them besides use them to choose have-nots in one week. Maybe the house guests think they're at the Jury House to relax when really the honor of returning to the Big Brother house will be determined by who the most active person in the Jury House is. On this season of Big Brother, anything could happen apparently.

Image: CBS; allbbupdates (4), halpertdwight/Tumblr