How Rich Is #RichKids' Dorothy Wang? We Measure In Ridiculously Expensive Birkin Bags

How many purses do you own? If you're like me, you probably have one that you actually use and two or three that just hang out in your closet until you feel the need to shake things up. And you definitely can't measure your net worth with said purses. Am I right? Well, if you're with me, none of us would survive on E!'s #RichKids of Beverly Hills. Here's the deal — #RichKids star Dorothy Wang has a lot of Hermès Birkin bags to go along with her inimitable Instagram sass. So many, in fact, that Wang doesn't know how many she has. Seriously, the 26-year-old, fun-employed reality star actually said that she's "lost count" of how many Birkins she actually owns.

We know, roughly, how much Dorothy Wang is worth — according to CelebrityNetWorth (which we should all take with a large grain of salt) Wang is worth $10 million. It's really a drop in the bucket considering the fact that her father Roger Wang is the billionaire CEO of Golden Eagle Retail Group. But how much is she worth in Birkins and/or Hermés Kelly purses? Because the reality star's Instagram is chock full of them and, who could forget her #RichKids Season 1 premiere quote, "Honestly, I’m not sure how many Birkins I have, I’ve kinda lost count. The entry-level Birkin is probably around $10,000 and the crocodile or alligator is $60,000."

With that in mind, I scoured Wang's Instagram for photos of her countless Birkins, so here's how much she's possibly "worth"* (if we're sick enough to believe human beings are only worth the number of purses they own):

The Birkins: Price Range — $10,000 to $70,000

On a plane — $13,000.

By the pool — $13,000.

Baby Ostrich on a shopping trip — $24,000.

In Philly — $13,000.

Out shopping — $13,000.

At a hotel — $13,000.

In Cabo — $13,000

By the pool — $13,000

Out shopping again — $13,000.

Out with family — $20,000.

With EJ — $13,000.

With her mom, Vivi — $13,000.

Total: $174,000

The Kellys

Just unwrapped — $9,000.

Matching her nails to her bag — $9,000

In hot pink — $9,000.

Total: $27,000.

Clearly, Dorothy Wang either needs to take more photos of/with her Hermès purses if we're expected to believe that she's actually lost count. I mean, she's got over 2,000 photos on her Instagram — what's one more photo of her entire collection?

*All bag prices are approximations.

Images: DorothyWang/Instagram (16)