'RichKids' Star Dorothy Wang Is The Queen Of Instagram... And Truth-Bombs

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Sure, you might be able to take a snap of your stuffed French toast and Bloody Mary with ease, but can you get over 10,000 Instagram likes on it? Probably not. Do you know who can? #RichKids of Beverly Hills' Dorothy Wang (you betcha there's a hashtag in the title), who could most likely get those numbers by the time you’ve put your first bite into your mouth.

With almost 2,000 pictures, over 430,000 followers, and a kickass #selfie reputation, Wang has definitely earned herself a spot on Instagram’s tower of greatness. And if we’re already giving out titles like Sabra gives out hummus on the street, then Wang also deserves to wear a crown for always telling it like it is. Check out all of the times the Rich Kids star totally owned Instagram with her style and, most importantly, her amazing truth-bombs.

Image: Brian Bowen Smith/E!

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