Meet The Fake Zack and Kelly

by Mallory Schlossberg

Okay. Let's freeze time, Zack Morris-style, for a moment and comment on what's happening. But first, um, let me tell you exactly what's happening: it's your first look at Lifetime's unauthorized Saved By The Bell movie. I know — so many feelings, in part because it's Saved By The Bell, in part because it's unauthorized, in part because the fake Mark Paul Gosselaar's hair is ludicrously blonde.

The clip itself is... well... interesting, to say the very least. You can be the judge, but it certainly is veering into some pretty stereotypical territory. It shows us that there was a lot of #drama behind the scenes — the girls are miles away from passing a Bechdel test, and the fake Mario Lopez likes having silent push-up contents because of course the fake Mario Lopez would do push-ups.

And of course nobody gets along when they're doing a photo shoot. It's just what happens when you assemble a bunch of teens in the '90s to make a squeaky clean sitcom! But, oh no — what would Mr. Belding do?!?

You can see for yourself below, but you can determine your final answers and gauge exactly how you feel when the movie airs on television later this year. You can also take this time to determine just how frightening it must have been for these Lifetime actors to have gone through their whole lives knowing that they were doppelgängers of Saved By The Bell characters. Obviously, this was these actors' respective callings.

Image: Lifetime/Youtube