Conan O'Brien, Larry King, & Andy Richter's Pot Brownie Experience In GIFS — VIDEO

Hey, shout-out to life for keeping me on my toes, for I did not see this one coming: Conan O’Brien, Larry King, and Andy Richter split a pot brownie on television. (Okay, it was probably a “pot brownie.”) During Wednesday night’s episode of Conan, the three TV personalities discussed marijuana, Snoop Lion, marijuana, and more marijuana. And then, O’Brien offered King an edible.

King said he’s “not a cookie man” (EXCUSE ME????). But that was not an issue, for O'Brien didn't have a weed cookie at his desk. O’Brien had a pot brownie/"pot brownie" at his desk. O'Brien, King, and Andy Richter then partook in the pot brownie/"pot brownie." And then, they got high/"high."

Why am I using so many scare quotes? Why do I think the "pot brownie" is sus? Well, the "high" kicked in IMMEDIATELY. It all happened a little too fast, you feel me?

Wait, why am I being such a square? This bit was all in fun, duh. I'm going to play along. No more scare quotes. O'Brien, King, and Richter got high on TBS.

How high? Allow me to recap what went down during the interview after the pot brownie was introduced. I will do so with the assistance of visual aids.

O'Brien held up the brownie and handed it to King.

King divvied up the brownie. King, O'Brien, and Richter dug in.

Richter said he didn't think there was weed in the brownie, wink wink.

O'Brien "insisted" there wasn't any weed in the brownie, wink wink.

King sang.

O'Brien giggled.

King giggled.

King couldn't stop giggling or smiling.

O'Brien did an impression of King.

And I smiled the entire time because WTF was that segment?

I love all of it:

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