7 Times Harry Styles From One Direction Looked Exactly Like A Puritan, Thanks To His Sassy New Hat

OK, guys. Before I get death threats on Twitter, I want to make something perfectly clear: I am a massive One Direction fan. I mean, it's a healthy obsession. I thoroughly enjoy dancing to their music (which I know all the words to, obviously), and would definitely be down to like, hold Harry Styles' hand while we ran through the park together. Just if he wanted to, you know? I mean, every new photo of his man bun basically makes me melt into my shoes like a big puddle of boy-crazed goo.

Recently, the guys have been out and about promoting the new 1D fragrance, You & I (which, BTW, you can already pre-order at Macy's, if you're a true Directioner), and my main man Styles has been looking... well, kinda like a Puritan. He's recently grown very fond of an oversized, Pharrell-esque hat that was definitely en vogue around the 16th century. Since Styles is such an, erm, stylish dude, I guess he sorta rocks it. But there's no doubt that, especially with the center bit of his perfect hair pushed back, he looks like a little like he chartered the Mayflower to make its way across the pond for this perfume launch. Here, a little peek at the new Pilgrim-meets-rocker look the otherwise-flawless Styles appears to be incredibly committed to.

Yeah, boy. Keep those buttons nice and low.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Little known fact: Hester Prynne actually fell for Reverend Dimmesdale after she saw how fine he looked in a pair of skinny jeans.

What! Puritans can't get tattoos! I smell a poser.

Wow, the scarf is a very nice touch, though. Well done, Styles.

That sweater will keep him warm during the harsh, New England winters.

Oh. Harry Styles in a pool. Soaking wet. No, no, I'm doing fine.

Yeah, but I bet it's made out of Pilgrim stuff. Like corn and smallpox, or whatever.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter