Meet 'The Singles Project' Cast, the People You Can Help Find Love

If you're one to fancy a game of Sims every now and then, then you're probably going to love Bravo's The Singles Project . It's the first real-time dating docu-series in the U.S. — each episode will be shot and aired within the same week — and, basically, by just using your phone or computer, you can interact with the cast members and help them as they "search for love and strive to conquer the city that never sleeps."

Still a little confusing? By tweeting @singles_project or using the hashtag #TheSinglesProject, fans can potentially influence the show by, for example, helping the singles pick out their outfits for a night out on the town or choosing a restaurant for them to eat dinner at. Yeah, it's like real-life Sims, only you can't make them do really weird stuff like drop a baby in a water tank or take a bath while eating a bowl of salad. (One can dream, though.) Check out the six singles the American public will have the chance to help find their one true love.

Image: Bravo

Dr. Tabasum Mir

Mir is a cosmetic dermatologist who has her eyes set on a perfect man that has “Robert Downey Jr.’s personality and Jamie Lannister’s (Game of Thrones) looks.” Throw in a night on a private rooftop with some french fries to munch on, and you will have unlocked her heart.

Image: Bravo

Brian Trunzo

His friends call him Captain Save-A-Ho. Why? Because he has a weakness for women “who are going through a devastating moment in their lives.” You heard ‘em, folks. Trunzo has a thing for vulnerable women. Looks like America will definitely have a lot of work to do with this single.

Image: Bravo

Ericka Pittman

This Brooklyn native is currently the vice president at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ company, The Blue Flame Agency, and is pretty much addicted to her blackberry. Also, she can’t live without shoes and Prosecco. (Understandable.)

Image: Bravo

Dr. Lee Gause

Take a hike, lazy Sunday supporters — this single’s perfect weekend involves church, mojitos, then enjoying a little reggae downton. And when he’s not busy with his jam-packed Sundays, this dentist is out collecting art for his private collection.

Image: Bravo

Kerry Cassidy

Listen up, men — don’t even try to woo her with drinks at a bar; Kerry is all about that get-dressed-up-and-send-a-car-to-my-door kind of life. This witty art consultant lives in the Upper West Side and is looking for “a caretaker who can take care.”

Image: Bravo

Joey Healy

This eyebrow guru is a makeup artist with a taste for Latino and Middle Eastern men. His dream date? A yacht trip to the South of France will lots of bubbly. Oh, and he’d probably want his cat named Mascara to come along for the ride.

Image: Bravo