'Breaking Bad' Premiered to Ratings Record, Proving You Marathoned It All Summer

Did you think Sunday night's Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2 premiere was must-watched television? Turns out, it actually was. The critically acclaimed AMC series starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul returned Sunday managed to return with some commercial acclaim, attracting 5.9 million viewers. It's a number more impressive than Walter White's meth empire, considering it nearly doubled the series' last record, hit last summer when Season 2 Part 1 aired its season finale.

The numbers mean good things for Breaking Bad — the huge increase in viewers no doubt means viewers spent their summer marathoning the series on Netflix or on DVD in preparation for the anticipated final season of the series. Unfortunately, Breaking Bad as a lead-in couldn't quite work magic with AMC's new series, Low Winter Sun, despite airing Breaking Bad's scenes from next week after the show's first commercial break — Low Winter Sun attracted just 2.5 million viewers.

But Breaking Bad's numbers nearly managed to beat all three networks combined, which means even more people will ruin the series' final season for you on Twitter.

So those of you that are behind, be sure to catch up so we can make next week's Breaking Bad shatter this week's episode.