'Finding Carter's Taylor & Max Could Still Get Together, According To Max Himself

Every teen soap needs a good love triangle for fans to take sides on. MTV treated us to not one but two love triangles in the first season of Finding Carter , one of which came to a serious head in Tuesday's episode "The Fugitive." After macking on Ofie, Gabe, and Max during a very-rigged game of Spin the Bottle, Taylor found herself with not one but two eligible bachelors vying for her affection, her longtime friend Gabe and new interest Max. I sat down with Finding Carter stars Kathryn Prescott (Carter) and Alex Saxon (Max), who says that "Maxlor" fans shouldn't give up hope for a relationship between his character and Taylor. When I asked Saxon what he thought about Max's "rejection" of Taylor when she told him about her date with Gabe, Saxon told me that he didn't see it that way.

"I don't think it was a flat out rejection...She came in and brought up the Gabe thing. That probably blindsided him," he says.

Prescott also weighed in, saying, "[Taylor] didn't tell him what she was thinking first. They haven't known each other for very long."

"They don't really have the kind of relationship where you can ask, 'oh, why are you going on a date with him? Oh, I thought we were something else,'" Prescott adds. "Maybe he misread the whole situation."

But apparently this situation will be cleared up — and possibly soon.

"There's still hope..." Saxon hints. That's a huge relief.

So that leaves another love triangle to discuss, oddly with one overlapping character. Gabe has had a thing for Carter since she came to town, but has apparently taken a brief hiatus to crush on her sister instead. How does Prescott feel about the whole Carter/Gabe situation?

"I think Carter thought as soon as she realized that Taylor really liked Gabe that she should massively back off... I don't think that Carter is interested in Gabe, [but] I think that Carter is in a very insecure place in her life," she says. "I think she might be doing that thing to him that sometimes people do when people have friends of the opposite sex that they have explicitly made clear that they have no interest in dating, but they're flirty and they want them to flirt back with them because it makes them feel better about themselves."

Gabe may believe that he's "inevitable" when it comes to Carter (ughhh no whyyy) but according to Prescott, she's not so sure. If something is going to happen between Carter and Gabe, it won't happen until Carter's done with her current guy, Crash.

"It's all about Crash right now. At least, it is for now," she says.

One thing that Crash has the Gabe doesn't? The ability to really go after what he wants. According to Prescott, that's the reason why Carter's dating Crash and not Gabe. (Those baby blues don't hurt, either.)

"Crash came [into Carter's life] and was ballsy and everything, and Gabe just kind of let him have her. I don't think if Gabe had Carter that Crash would have let that happen."

Agreed. While I have made it clear that I'm no Gabe fan, it is a little sad that he's having such terrible luck in the girl department — after all, the girl who pined after him for years admitted that they really did have a brother and sister kind of relationship. Which makes this encounter all the more awkward:

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Images: MTV; mtvfindingcarter/tumblr