Who Is 'Candid Camera' Host Peter Funt? 5 Things To Know About the Veteran TV Host

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Tricking people with silly pranks on reality TV: this is the stuff so many quality programs are born of. I Wanna Marry Harry was perhaps the newest (and lowest rated) version of this setup, but we've seen plenty of folks fooled on Joe Millionaire, Undercover Boss, and of course Punk'd. But before them all was the OG prank show: Candid Camera , a program that first went on the air in 1948.m1948! Now TV Land is bringing the classic back, with co-hosts Mayim Bialik (of The Big Bang Theory) and Peter Funt. Funt's been involved with Candid Camera as a producer and host since 1987, which is why he may look so familiar. Let's learn a little more about the jokester we all grew up with, before he returns to his hosting duties on Aug. 11.

Image: TV Land

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