How Is the New 'Candid Camera' Different from the Original? There Are 3 Major Changes

Get ready to smile, because Candid Camera is back on the air! Okay, so maybe some of you have never seen the original version of Candid Camera, since it began airing in 1948, but before Ashton Kutcher and Punk’d aired, Candid Camera dominated the hidden camera joke scene. Allen Funt was the creator and host of the original show and apparently the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree because his son, Peter Funt, will be taking over as host for the new series. Peter isn’t new to the family business though, he began serving as producer and host of the series in 1993, so it’s almost like we will be getting a taste of the original show, but with some awesome new twists, which kind of makes it fun. Back in April it was announced that TV Land would be bringing back Candid Camera , and it will finally premiere on Monday night at 8 p.m.

Even though Peter Funt will bring back nostalgia for fans of the original show (and all of the previous reboots before this one), they have definitely updated the concept for those people who haven’t ever seen the show. So, what exactly will be different this time around besides the fact that it’s shot in HD and will be in color? There are some more changes that go beyond the bonuses of living in the future.

Mayim Bialik is the co-host

Hey Big Bang Theory fans, Amy Farrah Fowler, aka Blossom, will be co-hosting Candid Camera this time around. So now we have way more Mayim Bialik in our lives. Bialik told Entertainment Weekly that she was a huge fan of the show growing up and explained how it was a lighthearted humor versus vicious jokes. “[The show's] about helping people poke fun at themselves without people laughing at them,” Bialik said. “I want to be careful that [Peter Funt] always feels that we’re being true to what his father created and also putting a modern spin on it."

The pranks are fitted for the 21st century


There are several pranks that have already been released including one with a couple who are making out next to someones car when they’re trying to leave. That’s definitely not a prank that would have made the cut in the original series. Peter Funt told The Wrap that technology-related pranks would definitely be included as well, “We're going to do several sequences about drones — I think a lot of us have a sort of drone obsession these days, because we see them in the news and we read about them, but very few of us have actually seen a drone flying over our neighborhood. So we'll take care of that pretty soon,” he revealed.

You can submit pranks!

Before the internet was around during the original Candid Camera show, it was up to the crew to come up with pranks. Now, if you go to you can actually submit ideas for them to cover on the show (if they are fun pranks, not mean ones). Now the show is way more interactive than it ever has been before.

Images: TVLand (2); MissMayim/Instagram