'Big Brother' Zach's Signature Hand Clap Teaches Fans a University of Florida Tradition — VIDEO

Over the course of Big Brother season 16, Zach Rance has given us a lot of memorable moments. There's the inbewildering phrase "fruit loop dingus", an insult so heinous that it actually caused Nicole Franzel to burst into tears (you know, like a fruit loop dingus). There's his beloved pink hat, which he wears so often that it might as well be considered an integral part of him. There's everyone's favorite showmance Zankie, though admittedly that couple seems to be in some serious danger of breaking up right now. However, the one Zach moment that some people might find a bit confusing — aside from fruit loop dingus, of course — is the way that Zach claps during voting ceremonies. You've seen the action, but you might not know what it's called. It turns out that Zach is doing something called the Gator Chomp.

Zach is a 23 year old from Palm Beach, Florida. He's a graduate of the University of Florida, whose intercollegiate sports team is known as the Florida Gators. One of Zach's most frequently worn shirts is a blue one with the symbol of the Florida Gators on it, so, honestly, we should have all suspected right away that his signature move must have something to do with his alma mater.

The Gator Chomp is a University of Florida fan tradition that was developed in 1981 to show one's support of the "Gator Nation", as the collection of Florida Gators sports teams is colloquially known. As a University of Florida graduate, Zach re-appropriating his school's fan tradition to vote out or make fun of rival house guests is to be expected. In fact, Zach is helping to make the tradition even more famous now that it's spreading to people with no knowledge or interest in collegiate sports.

If you want to learn how to do the Gator Chomp yourself, the instructions are pretty easy to follow.

Step One: Extend one arm over the other in front of your body.

Make sure the palm of each hand is facing each other.

Step Two: Widen your arms apart.

You know, to imitate the gaping mouth of an alligator.

Step Three: Clap your palms together in a chomping motion.

Congratulations, you have just completed the Gator Chomp. Try not to do this around any of the University of Florida's rivals unless you want to start a fight and check out Zach's demonstration of the Gator Chomp below.

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Image: CBS; scandallove, bryscott, king-zacharyrance/Tumblr