5 Times Zankie Were On the Verge of Breaking Up

Lines have been drawn in the Big Brother house and it appears that Zach and Frankie are on opposite sides of it. As painful as it is to say, the Internet's favorite showmance once again looks like it's done for good. Nicole and Hayden informed Zach that Frankie tried to get him evicted during their speeches at the voting ceremony and to say Zach didn't take it well is an extreme understatement. In fact, Zach has announced that Frankie is "dead to him" and is a "backstabbing liar" and is actively working with Nicole to conspire to get Frankie put on the block, if not evicted. Nicotine is done as well, since Nicole wants to backdoor Christine if the veto is used. Everyone has figured out that Christine and Frankie are more loyal to each other than they are to anyone else and everyone is over it.

Zach turning on Frankie has fans of Zankie in a panicked tailspin, trying to figure out how Zach could have gone from loving Frankie so much that they actually talked about moving in together to hating Frankie so much that he's essentially leading the charge to get Frankie booted from the Big Brother house. Then again, this shouldn't come as a surprise. All signs pointed to Zach being voted out before Caleb and Derrick flipped the votes in about 24 hours and took Hayden, Nicole, and Donny completely by surprise.

Besides, it's not like this is the first time that Zankie has seemed like they were on the verge of a breakup. Every time we think that this is going to be the thing that completely destroys their relationship, they always pull through. Here are the five times Zankie has been in danger and yet still managed to pull through.

First Betrayal: Frankie tries to get Zach evicted from the house.

Remember when: Devin was HoH, told Zach that he didn't trust him, and then tried to get Zach evicted from the house even though Zach was a member of his Bomb Squad alliance? When Devin came to Frankie about it, Frankie encouraged Devin to evict Zach and even swayed the other house guests to accept that Zach was going to go home this week.

What Saved Them: The other house guests decided to keep Zach and send someone else home instead, much to Frankie's surprise. What really saved them here was the fact that Zach never found out about any of this.

Second Betrayal: Frankie makes Zach the target of a Team America mission.

Remember when: Team America got the mission to start a rumor that one of the house guests was related to a former Big Brother competitor and Frankie suggested they use Zach for the challenge? He, Donny, and Derrick proceeded to start planting seeds that Paola had said something about Zach being the cousin of season 15 competitor Amanda, something that had the potential to really ruin Zach's game.

What Saved Them: Zach heard the rumor and thought it was so hilarious he ran to tell Frankie about it "for the first time". Frankie encouraged him to go with it, but Zach didn't need much encouragement on that front.

Third Betrayal: Frankie admits he'd put Zach on the block if the house wanted him to.

Remember when: Zach and Frankie won the HoH competition and became a power couple who were free to talk game together? When Frankie was talking game to anyone else but Zach, however, he admitted that if the house wanted him to nominate Zach for eviction then he'd do it despite their bond. Ouch.

What Saved Them: Frankie actually went to bat for Zach and tried to convince him to stop pissing so many people off so he wouldn't turn the house against him the instant he wasn't in power anymore. The effort mostly paid off, at least for a while.

Fourth Betrayal: Frankie tries to get Zach evicted from the house (again).

Remember when: Nicole and Donny were in power as HoHs and Zach was one of their targets? Unaware that the actual plan was to backdoor Frankie and have him and Zach up on the block together, Frankie went around securing votes for Zach to get evicted from the house, throwing him under the bus as crazy and unpredictable.

What Saved Them: Shockingly, Caleb went to bat for Zach, reminding the Detonators that they were voting out a guaranteed number for them to keep a guaranteed number for Nicole. The alliance quickly shifted gears after that and voted Jocasta out.

Fifth Betrayal: Zach is so over Frankie's crap.

Remember when: Zach found out from Hayden and Nicole that Frankie had been trying very hard to get him evicted from the house and he was pissed? Zach and Frankie aren't talking to each other like they used to at the moment and Zach blew up his whole game to Nicole in order to get her to trust him and convince her to get Frankie out of the house no matter what.

What Saved Them: Since this all happened Thursday night, nothing has saved them yet, but I'm confident that something will happen to mend the bridge between Zankie again. At the end of the day, they really do care about one another, so I doubt they can stay at odds for very long.