Kendra Wilkinson Wears 'I'm Not Sorry' T-Shirt — Is This Her Way of Confirming Her Marriage is Over?

Celebrities making a fashion statement isn't anything out of the norm, but considering the allegations that Kendra Wilkinson's husband Hank Baskett cheated with a transgendered model, anything Wilkinson chooses to wear these days is subjected to a little more scrutiny than usual. The former Playboy model recently Kendra Wilkinson wore a T-shirt that read "I'm Not Sorry," after reportedly meeting with divorce lawyers. Since she has yet to formally address the state of her marriage, is she using this T-shirt to make a statement? Is this Wilkinson's unofficial way of confirming her marriage is really over?

After the rumors of Hank Baskett's alleged infidelity with YouTube model Ava Sabrina London initially surfaced, tons of questions arose about what Wilkinson would do in response. Would she forgive her husband? Did she really flush her wedding ring down the toilet? Baskett still wearing his ring meant they would stay together, right? Would all of this drama play out on the couple's reality show Kendra on Top? Despite all the questions and no confirmed answers from either of the involved parties (rumor has it that Baskett attempted to buy London's silence), I still thought there was reason enough to believe they'd reconcile and keep their marriage together.

But to be honest, Wilkinson's T-shirt message isn't a good sign for the future of the couple's marriage. OK, to be fair, the allegations that Baskett cheated provided a teeny weeny clue that things weren't quite cozy at home in the first place, at least on Baskett's end. Either this shirt is Wilkinson's way of confirming the divorce, or she's just feeding into the media frenzy. If it is her way of speaking out to people who might be criticizing her decision to divorce Baskett, then I agree with the statement. Baskett's alleged eff up went far beyond forgetting to let the toilet seat back down. Regardless of the circumstances, engaging in an extramarital affair is a pretty colossal error, and in this case, Wilkinson certainly isn't the one who needs to be apologizing.