Did this 'Big Brother' duo make up?

Big Brother has been a roller coaster of emotions this week. On Thursday's double eviction episode, we saw the Zankie relationship hit a rough patch when Frankie tried to plot against Zach, and get him evicted. Nicole and Hayden called out Christine and Frankie for plotting Zach's eviction which turned Zach's Big Brother game upside down. Frankie was Zach's best friend in the house, and although they have gone through problems in the past, this one seemed to be the absolute breaking point for Zankie. After realizing that Frankie was trying to backstab him, Zach completely shunned Frankie and didn't talk to him for a few days. It seemed like there was no chance for them.

But, Saturday's Power of Veto competition — which Zach won — proved to be the saving grace for Zankie's relationship. Minutes after the POV competition, Zach and Frankie met up in the storage room and talked over all of their problems. As Frankie said, sometimes you have to break up to get back together again. After going through all of the issues that they had, the real question was if Zach and Frankie could ever trust each other again, and work together. It seems the key to the Zankie relationship is communication.

With Zach safe for the week, it makes sense that Frankie would want to smooth his relationship over with Zach. After talking over what happened the week before (basically Zach just repeating that Frankie betrayed him) they decided it was in their best interest if they still worked together, making Zankie shippers cry from joy everywhere.

Zach and Frankie both know that Derrick and Cody have a lot of control over the house, so they decide to not listen to what Cody and Derrick say the Zach and Frankie are saying about the other. This causes Zach to question if Frankie is already trying to cover up things he will say in the future, but Frankie says that he has nothing to lie about anymore.

And as if the past three days hadn't happened, Zankie seems to be restored to its original strength. At least for now. Zach and Frankie confirm their plans to get to the final three with each other, but Zach makes it clear that there is a contingency.

The good news is, it seems like Christine won't have a problem with Frankie not working with her.

While it seems that Zankie is back on track, only time will tell if they'll truly be able to get over this hurdle. Something tells me Zach isn't exactly a forgive and forget kind of guy.

Images: CBS