Vicki & Tamra Feud Over Brooks on 'Real Housewives of Orange County' & Their Friendship Might Be Over

Wow. This is a big deal. After six seasons of friendship punctuated by only occasional bouts of fighting, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge are in another argument — and this time, it seems like they could be ending their friendship permanently. It's part of Tamra's overall explosion on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County . Tamra's started a fight with pretty much every single cast member, and after getting fed up and posting behind-the-scenes info about producers on her Facebook page, rumors say that Season 9 could be her last. And guess who isn't sticking up for her? Vicki. The frustrating thing is what caused this big rift — Brooks.

Even since filming ended, it doesn't seem like Vicki and Tamra have made up. Vicki is all over town, all the time — and she loves posing for Instagram pics. And there aren't any of her and Tamra that date back less than four months ago, just before the RHOC season started. The same is true for Tamra's page. While these two have been friends for years, this could very well be the end… or at least a break. Vicki's been hanging out with Shannon, while Tamra is spending a lot of time with her kids.

The last time Vicki and Tamra feuded like this was at the end of Season 7 over Vicki's relationship with Brooks as well. Remember, Tamra supposedly gave Brooks the "evil eye" and then the two screamed at one another about whether or not Brooks was "controlling" what Vicki was doing?

How bittersweet. Tamra's always been a pretty terrible person and caused way more trouble than she's ever been worth, but it's crazy to see things end this way, with Vicki once again choosing to pick a big fight over Brooks. Why Brooks? Nobody really trusts Brooks. Some friends, like Shannon, who met him recently, seem to like him, but there's no denying he has a checkered past. This is the man who joked about domestic abuse and even encouraged his equally gross son-in-law to practice it.

Vicki's been mellowing out (to a degree) this season, and it's nice to see her be the voice of reason, especially when it comes to calling out Tamra for bad behavior. But if she keeps choosing Brooks over her friends and her daughter, she could end up feeling pretty lonely. If the Vicki/Tamra friendship has to end, bringing a close to an era, I justwish it could be about something — or someone — better.

Images: Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge/Instagram; Giphy