Vine Star Cameron Dallas' Fans Are Indignant On Twitter Over The Teen Choice Awards

Who knew that an Internet star's fans could be so vocal and angry? At the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, Vine super star Cameron Dallas' fans freaked out over the telecast's choices in spelling and winners. Apparently when Dallas' name was called as Choice Vine Star, his last name was written as "Douglas" in the closed captions. While that is a pretty egregious error on the caption staff's part, fans are also irate over the star losing out on Choice Male Web Star to YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. And how exactly are they expressing this outrage? Where else? All over Twitter.

Within minutes of the closed caption mistake, Cameron Douglas was trending on the social media site and fans were screaming about Dallas' Choice Web Star loss. To be honest, they might be more upset than the star himself. From quick and calm complaints to people tweeting out their love and devastation for Dallas, the star's Twitter fans' responses were across the board in emotions. Then again, Dallas also had his fair share of haters. Here are some of the best, most memorable and somewhat scary tweets I could find. And after quite a bit of deep research, I feel like I may have only scratched the surface.

The Initial Shock

The Disbelieving Laugh

The Medical Emergency

The Crop Boycott

When it came to Dallas' snub, apparently the actor didn't take it well and accused the Teen Choice Awards of being rigged. He later deleted the tweets but fans didn't let anyone forget.