'Game of Crowns': Lynne & Giulio Celebrate Their Vow Renewal Day With Family, Friends, & Gargoyles

The following had not dawned on me until I watched Sunday night’s Game of Crowns , but now I hold it as an objective truth: A wedding without gargoyles is an incomplete wedding. Every wedding needs gargoyles. Lynne and Giulio’s vow renewal ceremony showed me the gargoyle-y light. Yes, Lynne and the wedding party looked lovely in their dresses and jewels, but the true stars were the humans in gargoyle garb perched on the columns overlooking the proceedings. BE STILL MY HEART.

“What could possibly be better than gargoyles?" Lynne asked during a confessional. This is a rhetorical question, because she knows the answer: "There’s nothing better.”

Why gargoyles? Uh, why not gargoyles? "There's nothing better," remember? Have you ever seen a gargoyle (yeah, pictures count)? Then you get it. Have you ever seen a person in a gargoyle costume (again, pictures count)? Then you definitely get it.

Okay, okay. Lynne didn't have people sporting gargoyle 'stumes at her wedding just because gargoyles are awesome. As Lynne explained during Sunday night's ep, gargoyles scare away evil spirits. They look super cool and they're there to help. It's a win-win. Seriously, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't have gargs at their nuptials.

Shelley might've been thrown off by the gargoyles, but I most certainly was not. I wanted more gargs. Gargoyle-themed vows would've been fun. I would've lost my mind if Giulio gave Lynne a diamond-studded gargoyle ring. I hoped one of the gargoyle people would pop out of the wedding cake.


Images: Bravo; chickenslikethedickens/tumblr