14 Shark Week-Themed Decor Ideas Because We Just Can't Get Enough Of The Freakish Creatures

The long-awaited phenomenon of Shark Week starts this week! And as the infamous 30 Rock quote goes, we should all "live every week like it's Shark Week."

In my opinion, sharks are living nightmares. Exhibit A: THEY NEVER SLEEP. I'm testy if I get fewer than 10 hours a night — I can't even imagine the dangerous mental state that would come from constant wakefulness. No wonder they bite people. That said, these creatures are impressive. There is a lot we can learn from them. Maybe if we too behave like sharks, we can get an entire week of TV dedicated to us! Here, 14 pieces of sharkspiration, in case a full seven days devoted to the creatures just isn't enough.

brush your teeth

Imagine your dentist having this right above your chair. i think I would be scared into brushing — maybe even flossing — immediately.

Brush your teeth print, $25,

crochet shark slippers

This is the cutest way for me to live out my intense fear of my feet being munched off.

Crochet shark slippers, $45,

shark mug

Sip on your morning coffee and remind yourself that your next trip to the beach could be your last. Kidding. Kind of.

Shark mug, $17,

edit or regret it!

Nothing makes me want to revise more than a shark holding what I assume is a giant pencil, threatening me.

Edit print, $18,

soda can shark

Keep your soda cozy with this adorable can holder.

Soda can shark, $20,

shark week embroidery

A daily reminder like this one is exactly what you need to remind yourself to celebrate the now, or go watch 30 Rock all over again.

Shark week embroidery, $25,

underwater shark phone case

It feels appropriate to have an animal that never stops moving on your mobile device.

Shark phone case, $35,

great white shark

Nope. Even when they are dressed in human clothes, sharks are terrifying.

Great white shark print, $35,

shark tote bag

Hmmmm... something tell me this shark wants to eat me.

Shark tote, $22,

hooded shark towel

RED ALERT! I found the cutest shark in the entire ocean. Tell all of the scientists immediately!

Shark towel, $35,

funny shark print

I didn’t think I would enjoy the company of sharks but maybe I would if they were always this funny.

Shark print, $16+,

shark and mermaid dress

I’m obsessed with this dress despite a giant monster being a little too close to my legs.

Shark and mermaid dress, $25,

plush shark pillow

This shark pillow is soft enough to curl up with, but don’t let yourself think you can hug a real shark.

Plush shark pillow, $40,

i miss you more than shark week card

Shark Week will be over sooner than you think and just think of how sad you’ll be. Let the person you love know it’s real with this card.

Miss you card, $4,