Does Discovery Channel's 'Jaws Strikes Back' Have Anything to Do With the Movie 'Jaws'?

It's that time of the year when it's appropriate to play the Jaws theme on repeat... it's Shark Week! It's a week on the Discovery Channel dedicated to all things shark for an entire seven days, and it's glorious. Scared of sharks? Fascinated by them? You'll definitely learn something during the week. On Monday night, the network will air Jaws Strikes Back. Ah! Will Jaws Strikes Back have anything to do with the famous shark from Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie? Is there a real-life Jaws lurking in the ocean waters? Should you hide yo kids, hide yo wife? Is it OK to swim if you have your period?

Chill your nerves, folks.

According to the Discovery Channel's Shark Week listings, the show is about the following:

So, no. This documentary doesn't actually have anything to do with Jaws, the famous, human-devouring shark. But hmm, a lot of other Shark Week shows, like Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, feature the name of that notorious shark from cinema. So what's going on here? Why do all of these Shark Week shows feature that famous name?

Entertainment Weekly reports that The Discovery Channel often picks the titles of the shows first, long before they develop the actual show. Michael Sorensen, Vice President of Development, said:

"Jaws" is merely a popular shark character, and a good title means a lot of viewers, which means, of course, a more successful Shark Week. SHARK POWER.

So, nope; Jaws Strikes Back ain't fiction — it's a real, factual show about sharks. Like this one!

OK, it's very likely that the ice cream was superimposed into the picture, but still — it's a week for sharks to celebrate, so yeah — sharks deserve snacks.

Happy Shark Week!

Image: Giphy