7 Reasons Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Would Make the Perfect Couple — He Already Likes Her Cats!

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I'll be honest, every time I see a "Taylor Swift's new boyfriend" headline, my heart skips a beat, and I'm always disappointed by whatever movie star, boy band singer, or Kennedy it turns out is the new object of Swift's affection. The truth is, I'm holding out for the holy grail of pop unions — Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Oh, Taylor, if only you could see what was right in front of you. (That has to be the title of a Taylor Swift song, right?) Sure, Swift seems to be enjoying her time as a single lady and Sheeran is technically seeing Athina Andrelos, but that doesn't mean that Swift and Sheeran aren't meant for each other. I'll be holding out hope for the two regardless of how far their romantic paths diverge — here's why.

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