7 Reasons Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Would Make the Perfect Couple — He Already Likes Her Cats!

I'll be honest, every time I see a "Taylor Swift's new boyfriend" headline, my heart skips a beat, and I'm always disappointed by whatever movie star, boy band singer, or Kennedy it turns out is the new object of Swift's affection. The truth is, I'm holding out for the holy grail of pop unions — Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Oh, Taylor, if only you could see what was right in front of you. (That has to be the title of a Taylor Swift song, right?) Sure, Swift seems to be enjoying her time as a single lady and Sheeran is technically seeing Athina Andrelos, but that doesn't mean that Swift and Sheeran aren't meant for each other. I'll be holding out hope for the two regardless of how far their romantic paths diverge — here's why.

She makes him things

Ah, yes, Taylor Swift queen of country music and — apparently — dated pop cultural references. Ed Sheeran posted this photo on Instagram about a year ago and, along with this lovely needlepoint, it proves that Swift is already putting waaay more effort into this friendship than most of us put into our romantic relationships.

Image: Ed Sheeran/Instagram

He's her "substitute" boyfriend

Apparently, Taylor Swift has been having pretty rough go of it ever since her “substitute” boyfriend began dating not-so-substitute girlfriend Athina Andrelos. In ninth grade, I had a substitute biology teacher for awhile after the old one had a baby. After a few weeks, my high school finally broke down and admitted that the substitute teacher and our class were clearly meant to be and made her our permanent teacher. So, you know, there’s precedent for this kind of thing is what I’m saying.

Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They work together — a lot

Swift’s song “Everything has Changed” features Sheeran, and the two reportedly wrote the song while hanging out in Swift’s backyard. They also spent quite a bit of time together during their Red tour, which took them to nearly 50 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They both know a thing or two about bad break ups

Swift has built an empire on over-sharing break up songs, but Ed Sheeran’s hit “Don’t” from his new record Multiply is reportedly about his ex Ellie Goulding and definitely doesn’t skip on the gory details either. It sounds like both Swift and Sheeran have learned their fair share of bad break-up lessons, and where better to apply those lessons than to a relationship together?

Image: Ed Sheeran/Instagram

He has pet approval

Anyone with pets knows how crucial it is that your furry friends get along with your significant other. Lucky for Sheeran, it looks like he and Swift’s cat, Meredith, get along just fine.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram

They're already doing couple-y things together

Okay, ladies, when was they last time you sat around daintily sipping tea with your casual male acquaintances? Never, that’s when. Enjoy a nice cold beer together? Sure. Grab a quick cup of coffee? Perfectly platonic. But tea selfies are about as couples-only as beverage pictures get.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram

They wear matching outfits

Check out their matching get-ups in the top-right corner! Clearly, Swift and Sheeran are already dressing for the parts of girlfriend/boyfriend — why not make it official?

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram