'Real Housewives of Melbourne' Does These 9 Real Housewife Stereotypes Better Than the Americans

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If you're anything like me, you enjoy pickling your brain on the weekend in gallons of reality TV brine, and have thus experimented with The Real Housewives of Melbourne only to become hopelessly addicted. If not, you're missing out on some serious TV gold. Why, you ask, should I give a flaming hoot about The Real Housewives of Melbourne? To summarize, this show takes the existing Real Housewife stereotypes that we know and love, multiplies them by ten, takes out all the self awareness, and adds a dash of psychic ability. (I'm not kidding.) Just imagine what The Real Housewives of Toronto would look like, give all the cast members Australian accents, dial the taste down about 10 points, and you have this show.

Everyone is trying so hard to seem rich, prominent, and interesting that the whole thing is just a carnival of campiness. The catty behavior, lifestyle exhibitionism, and conspicuous consumption seen in the American housewife franchise is on another level in RHOM. Like, it's almost as satirical as The Hot Wives of Orlando, but it's not satire. There are homely "rock star" husbands whom you've never heard of, psychics who can't seem to have a civilized dinner party, horribly named liquor endorsements, weaves, Botox, and more. Because this is my new favorite shitty show, and it should be yours too, here are the nine "real housewife" stereotypes that the ladies of the Outback do better than the Americans.

Image: Bravo/Facebook

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