When Will 'Homeland' Season 4 Premiere? We've Got a Date & The Promise of a Jam-Packed Evening

Audiences everywhere will likely have a whole new slew of things to buzz about when Homeland makes its return for Season 4. And now we finally know when that return will take place: Mark your calendars for Oct. 5. It's gonna be a busy night!

Carrie Mathison and company will be crashing back onto your cable television Oct 5th with not one but two episodes. Viewers caught up on the show's third season will also be very aware of the fact that this season marks a whole new era for the series, given the ways that Season 3 trafficked in both death and new life.

Yeah, there's a lot to watch for in this new season — and given the show's fallen a bit in critical favor over the last season, there's a lot to prove with this new frontier. The first trailer for Season 4's already been released, and from that we can glean that this season will throw Carrie into the midst of Pakistan as the background for whatever emotional journey they've got planned for her. Bustle's own Alicia Lutes noted that this season could very well "blow us out of the water" if it manages to rise to the task.

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