Remembering Robin Williams' Amazing AMA

by Kate Ward

On Monday came the almost unbelievable news from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division that Robin Williams had died at the age of 63, reportedly of a suicide. It's a tragic end from such an uplifting character — for decades, the actor provided so much entertainment to so many fans across so many generations. Whether he was appearing in Mork & Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire, or, most recently, The Crazy Ones, Williams was known for, quite simply, entertaining. And that's why last year, fans flocked to Reddit to read Williams' AMA, to learn more about the man who shaped their happy upbringing with so much laughter.

Below, see just a selection of what we learned about the comedian and actor during his highly entertaining Reddit Ask Me Anything, during which he was was refreshingly open with fans about his life, his work, and his struggles. As always, Robin Williams left us laughing, regardless of the fact that he was not on screen, where we could see his signature grin.

The Artist Loved Art

That was clear seeing Williams' answer to a question about something he's recently been excited about (and even sweeter to see that thing revolved around not his own work, but his wife's):

Including Books

The comedian and actor was an avid reader.

He Was Inspired By His Fellow Great Comedians

He can cheer up anyone, even in the most difficult of circumstances

He's the One Person Who Can Impersonate Jack Nicholson...

...And not get in trouble for it.

He's a Survivalist

At least, based on his knowledge of what to bring if he were to be stuck in Jumanji again.

And, Speaking of Survival, He Knows How to Do Freshman Year Right

He Basically Wrote All of Aladdin

And Improv-ed Portions of Good Will Hunting

His Mrs. Doubtfire Suit Was Just As Uncomfortable As It Looked

He Listened to His Kids

Perhaps to a fault? No, this is nothing but awesome. (Especially learning that Williams is a gamer himself.)

And Loved Animals

His Films Made Even Him Think

Based on this response to a question about the criticism behind What Dreams May Come, and what the film taught him.

He Is Just as Hysterical in Real Life As He is In Your Favorite Movie

As we learned with that now-legendary dildo story.

And This Interaction with a Lucky, Lucky Fan

And, of course, He Knew What Was What

Yes, they do.