Marcus & Lacy Just Made an Enemy

Rumor has it that Bachelor in Paradise worked out for at least one couple. Sources say contestants Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged after their stint together on the show. But after watching how heartbroken Lacy's other love interest Robert Graham was seeing Lacy and Marcus kiss, are we still allowed to root for their engagement?

Obviously we've only seen these relationships develop over the course of two episodes, but it's already very clear that Marcus and Lacy are serious about each other. "I could definitely see a future with Marcus," Lacy said. "I could see a future with Lacy," Marcus said in a separate interview. On the same page? Check! Marcus was pretty taken with Juan Pablo's former contestant from night one, but... so was Robert. While to viewers it seemed that it was Lacy + Robert = Luv after night one, things changed dramatically by Episode 2.

Lacy's wandering eye really got to Robert who complained to the camera that Lacy was being snakey and flaunting her relationship in front of his face. After hearing Lacy and Marcus were headed on a date together he walked around with a sad puppy dog look for awhile. He seemed genuinely crushed, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be happy for Marcus and Lacy.

It's Week 2. Robert has only known Lacy for like 10 total days. So he may like her now, but he could be on to another girl next week. If it was just Marcus and Robert in the end, yeah his feelings might be more sincere after weeks of knowing Lacy. But right now I think it's too early for us to get bent out of shape about Robert's feelings.

There's a pretty decent chance that he's also just upset because he knows guys are going home this week and Lacy was possibly going to be his ticket to a third week here. If Lacy likes Marcus more, Robert has to try to secure a rose from someone else, which makes things harder for him.

Plus, the bottom line is no matter how upset Robert is, there's no denying Lacy and Marcus have a connection—especially after Marcus took Lacy on a romantic candlelit dinner date. Marcus actually told Lacy that he was glad things went badly with Andi because otherwise he wouldn't have met Lacy. The two seem on track to fall in love and if the reports are correct they might even be engaged.

That's pretty cool and something worth celebrating. Robert will get over it eventually, possibly even by the end of the next episode. This is Bachelor in Paradise after all.

Images: Augustin Murillo/ABC; miscgifs/Tumblr; bachandbachettefans