Is Marcus Grodd Really Engaged Already?

When he was eliminated from The Bachelorette after hometown dates, Marcus Grodd seemed genuinely disappointed to be sent packing and lose his chance at love with Andi Dorfman. But even though he came across as a sweet guy who really cared about Andi, multiple sources keep pushing spoilers that suggest Marcus might get engaged … on Bachelor in Paradise. And according to blogger Reality Steve, who’s been the bane of spoiler-phobic reality TV fans for years now, Marcus is engaged to Lacy Faddoul, who you might remember from Juan Pablo of The Bachelor. Does Marcus have a thing for girls who were let down by the terrible JP?

The two met while filming Bachelor In Paradise, the latest Bachelor spinoff that sends eight former Bachelorette contestants and eight former Bachelor contestants into an environment that's designed to both create relationships and test them. While the Bachelor in Paradise cast is disappointingly low on drama, a surprise engagement on the finale could really make up for it.

Marcus claims that the rumors are false and that he hasn’t been dating at all since Andi sent him home. He told RumorFix.com, “My dating life has been non-existent actually.” Marcus's statement could possibly just be a reactionary statement issued in hopes of quelling the engagement rumors. After all, if Marcus is on Bachelor in Paradise he's definitely got a "dating life" and the show's producers probably don’t want their finale proposal ruined before the show even premieres. We know that at the very least Marcus and Lacy will be a part of the BIP cast — and as they say, "#YouOnlyParadiseOnce," so they could very well take the plunge — but nothing more.

If it turns out this rumor is true, Marcus is doing a great job of keeping the new engagement secret. He isn’t even following Lacy on Twitter. But Lacy may have let a little hint slip a few weeks ago on her Instagram.

Underneath this adorable photo with her nephew, she wrote: "Checking aunties social media (really reading aunties text from her special someone) #auntiesbadhabits #mylittlepublicist." So Lacy is in a relationship right now … or at least has a "special someone."

But while everyone wants the best for Lacy, it can't help but be a little disappointing for Marcus fans. After Marcus won us over with his many heartfelt confessions of love on dates with Andi, it feels like we’ve all been played by yet another perennial Bachelorette contestant who cries "love" at first kiss. Hopefully, during Men Tell All, we find out the real truth about his feelings for Andi and can judge whether he’s a genuine guy who falls in love easily or looking for fame and fortune on reality TV. Hopefully it’s the former. It has to be, right? Come on, look at him. That's a lover, not a trickster.

According to ABC, Marcus' Bachelor In Paradise bio reads, “He’s coming to Paradise in an attempt to mend his broken heart and see if he is ready to love again.” I guess we'll have to watch Bachelor In Paradise to find out whether or not he succeeds, and I'm guessing that's exactly what ABC wants to hear.

Images: ABC; Lacy Faddoul/Instagram; ABC (screengrab)