Why Is 'Teen Wolf' Scott Growing New Fangs? It Doesn't Seem Like A Good Omen

You've heard the famous saying: "With great power, comes great responsibility." Well Teen Wolf 's episode "Time of Death" makes me think that saying should be tweaked a bit. "With great power, comes great problems." That's right, Scott McCall is growing new fangs in his mouth, to add yet another problem to his quickly growing list. Why exactly could this sudden dental phenomenon be happening? I've got one potential theory and it doesn't end well for Scott — or any of his friends for that matter.

Let's have a little backstory first. While trying to find out the identity of The Benefactor, Scott and his wolf pack (along with some of their parents) came up with a harebrained scheme to pretend to kill Scott in order to tempt the Benefactor into either coming out of hiding or making a mistake or something that will lead to his or her identity. See? I don't full understand the plan which means it wasn't exactly the smartest one in the world. Anyway, this plan involved Scott being pronounced dead and living in an almost dead state for 45 minutes. During this time, Scott started to dream about being at school with Liam which is when he reveals that he is growing new fangs, something he apparently first noticed after the disease scare from last week's episode.

So what exactly could all this mean? Here's what I'm thinking. On the show, alpha werewolves are clearly the most powerful in their pack. They have more strength, can control the members of their pack, and can even heal the sickest of sick (at the expense of their alpha-ness that is). So what if it's possible for alphas to grow other abilities as they learn to accept their power, position and their animal side?

When Peter Hale was alpha, he was somehow able to turn himself into a full werewolf beast. Could Scott learn to do the same? Added powers might be cool, like how his strength helped him take on Violet, one of the orphan assassins, against her thermal garrote. But it does bring up an obvious dilemma. If Scott starts to embrace his animal side, could that mean he will lose his humanity? Later in his almost-dead state, he dreams about killing Liam with the help of The Mute. That doesn't seem like a great vote of confidence for Scott's control over his human side. If the worst happens and Scott does start to transition to the dark side, he could end up being the most dangerous villain the Wolf Pack has ever faced.

Images: MTV; ms-its-been-real/Tumblr