Will 'Teen Wolf' Have Peter Try To Kill Scott For His Alpha Powers? His History Certains Means It's Possible

Ugh, Peter Hale, what are you up to? This week's Teen Wolf episode, "Time Of Death," found Scott McHale at the brink of death. In fact, a lot of people thought he was dead — and when Peter Hale found out he wasn't he looked, well, a little too relieved. "Thank god," he said, and I let out a groan that revereberated through two seasons of Peter Hale being up to no good. This dude's up to something, guys, and it's probably not concern for a friend.

Here's the theory circulating: Peter, ever questing for alpha status and ever not being as cool as Scott McCall, is planning to try to kill Scott to take his alpha powers. That would explain why Peter looked so relieved: He doesn't want his chances at alpha powers being taken away by the Benefactor's quest to kill all the supernaturals in town. Peter Hale wants power, forever and always — it's been what he's been after since the very beginning, and it's been a while since he outwardly declared himself the Big Bad against our ragtag pack. He's been biding his time.

But for what? And, when Peter finally makes his move, what will it look like? And where will Malia fall in the fray?

Image: MTV