'Mrs. Doubtfire' Cast Reacts to Robin Williams' Tragic Death With Heavy Hearts


On Monday, the world learned that beloved actor Robin Williams had died. Williams was a diverse actor and comedian with a shining personality and a light that seemed to touch all those around him. In April, we learned that Williams was set to star in a sequel to 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire , a wonderfully hilarious and touching film that tells the story of a man who masquerades as a 60-year-old Scottish nanny after his divorce in order to remain close to his children. Though there has not yet been an official confirmation, reportedly, the sequel will "most likely" not go forward without Williams.

Despite its admittedly strange premise, Mrs. Doubtfire has become one of the highlights of Williams' impressive and varied filmography. The movie makes a powerful point that while our families may take on different forms throughout our lives, as long as there is love, everything will be okay. After the news of Williams' tragic death broke on Monday afternoon, Hollywood's reactions slowly began to trickle in via interviews and social media. At this time, I think that it's important to take a look at how Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire family is responding to his passing. Naturally, they all have heavy hearts.

Sally Field

As reported by ET Online, actress Sally Field said in a statement:

I suspect that Williams' noble commitment to making others laugh will be his lasting legacy.

Pierce Brosnan

According to the Independent.ie, actor Pierce Brosnan told media as he was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night that he had "only just learned the news." He reportedly called Williams "the best he had worked with." There could be no higher praise.

Mara Wilson

Actress Mara Wilson, who was only around five or six years old when she filmed Mrs. Doubtfire, is taking some time away from social media at this time in order to process her feelings.

Lisa Jakub

Actress Lisa Jakub wrote a note to Williams on her blog, thanking him for supporting her when her high school kicked her out while she was shooting Mrs. Doubtfire, unwilling to accommodate her schedule:

You can read Jakub's entire note at her blog.

Harvey Fierstein

In another tweet, actor Harvey Fierstein wisely highlighted the seriousness of depression.

Scott Capurro

As actor and comedian Scott Capurro noted, Williams was, is, and will continue to be an incredible inspiration to people across the world.

Image: 20th Century Fox