Jay Z & Beyonce Divorce Rumors Told Through Emojis Make Them Seem Even More Ridiculous — PHOTO

It's looking more and more with each passing day that fans of Beyoncé and Jay Z's royal relationship can rest easy. Ever since Jay Z and Solange's infamous elevator fight leaked onto the Internet, the rumors that Jay Z is cheating on Beyoncé and Beyoncé and Jay Z are seconds away from a divorce have intensified. We've heard everything from their marriage being a sham for profit to their divorce announcement to follow immediately after the On the Run Tour and, thankfully, so far those rumors have proven very, very false. However, the On the Run Tour ended far too recently for anyone to truly relax and even now Beyoncé and Jay Z haven't done quite enough to make people believe in the strength of their love once again.

There were so many stories flying around about what's been going on in Beyoncé and Jay Z's relationship behind the scenes that it can be understandably hard to keep all of it straight. In fact, you might be thinking, Isn't there anyway for me to know in a single glance every divorce rumor that Bey and Jay are facing right at this second? Luckily, I have answered your call, so instead of freaking out — because I can clearly read minds — you should take a second to look at this infographic about the Beyoncé and Jay Z rumors. It completely sums everything up.

Still don't get it? Well, that's disappointing. I'm not sure how I can be any clearer about what's going on here. Or perhaps you do get the general gist of the infograph but still need an exact play-by-play for some of the images. Either way, for those who don't understand this picture at a glance, here's the summary:

Hopefully Beyoncé's Instagram photograph really was the last we'll hear of there being any trouble in paradise. Everyone's rooting for Beyoncé and Jay Z to make it. No exceptions.