If Jay Z & Beyonce’s Divorce Happens, These Friends Will Have to Choose Sides

Romantic splits can almost never be described as clean breaks. That's certainly true in the case of divorces. There's just too much baggage to deal with, too many things to properly sort out. So, while power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z haven't split yet , there's a lot in the way of speculation. All the rumors point to one thing: a breakup on the horizon. And their famous friends are going to have to choose who gets full custody of them and who's just getting visitation rights. That can be difficult to do emotionally, so to help out, I've gone and done it for them.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Verdict? Team Bey. After going through her own divorce er — “conscious uncoupling” I have a feeling these ladies will stick by each other’s sides.

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Chris Martin

Team Jay. Just because that’s usually how splits go in the way of couple-friends.

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Kanye West

Kanye’s going to side with one person. The one person he only ever sides with: Kanye.

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Team Jay all the way. The two make some undeniably beautiful music together.

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President Obama

Not taking sides, because he’s well versed in diplomatic issues. Duh.

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I think this goes without saying…

But I’m gunna say it: elevator.

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Obvs, Team Bey. Why? Because they’re both strong women. And strong women support each other, right? Right!

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Kelly Rowland

Once a girl group member, always a girl group member. Destiny’s Child ensured that Rowland and Queen Bey would be lifelong friends.

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P. Diddy

Team Jay. No truer a bond than someone who experienced the 90’s at your side.

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