She Can Fly! She Can Fly!

It's the flying Marnie! But she's actually flying, not like, metaphorically flying high on her rampant emotions. Allison Williams posted a video of her first flying lesson for Peter Pan, and hell, it might make you want to take up flying lessons, too. Why not!?! If there's one thing I learned in Peter Pan, it's that I can be a child forever (with the potential for punishment) so I'm interpreting that as: "Yes, I can buy a flying trapeze thing, and my punishment will be that I see a serious dip in my bank account and/or safety."

But let's dismiss the whole "Yes! Woo hoo! It's Allison Williams getting ready for Peter Pan!" vibe for a moment and focus on what her post is really about: Robin Williams. The Girls star wrote on Instagram:

First day of flying lessons for Pan. Thinking about and missing a hero of mine who once did this and left big shoes to fill.

She's obviously talking about Robin Williams' performance in Hook.

It's sweet — and even a little somber – that her Instagram video reflects more than just her own excitement about her big, upcoming role. The fact that she's pausing to think about Robin Williams' passing (which shows a marked difference between Williams and her self-absorbed character on Girls) it's also further proof that Robin Williams had a tremendous impact on so many people in the entertainment industry, and that his spirit will continue to live on.



Image: aw/Instagram