When 'House Of Cards' Season 3 Returns, We Demand More Cashew

Season 2 of Netflix's popular political thriller House Of Cards gave rise to several fan-favorite characters, from swinging Secret Service agent Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow) to whip-smart congresswoman Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker). But the character that captured the most hearts last year wasn't even human. That's right — the Season 2 standout was undoubtedly Gavin Orsay's (Jimmi Simpson) long-haired guinea pig, Cashew. And he'd better come back when House of Cards Season 3 starts.

So while we await more news about House Of Cards ' highly-anticipated third season, let's honor our furry friend by remembering all the reasons we love her and all the times she stole the show from her award-winning cast mates.

Image: Netflix

She's so incredibly cuddly

Forget about being a “dog person” or a “cat person.” We’re all now “guinea pig people” thanks to Cashew’s heart-aching cuteness. Just look how cozily she’ll keep you company while you surf the web and/or hack into secure government databases.

Image: Netflix

She gets her own subtitles

In case you can’t hear her adorable squealing, Netflix has made sure to closed caption it for you. Just imagine the cutest sound in the world, and then multiple it by a billion, and you’ll have some idea of the aww-inducing snuffling coming out of Cashew’s snout.

Image: Netflix

She even steals the show when she's lurking in the background

Um, hello? How can I focus on anything you’re saying when there’s an adorable guinea pig in the background?? #rude

Image: Netflix

Hearts Shattered when she got stepped on

Look, House Of Cards literally began with a dog getting hit by a car and then smothered to death by our protagonist. So we all know this show is no friend to animals. But there’s something about threatening to squish a helpless guinea pig beneath your soulless shoe that’s just so… wrong. I'm glad you’re okay, Cashew!

Image: Netflix

She's so huggable

Seriously. Look at that heartfelt embrace right there. That’s true love. Sure, cats love you when you feed them and dogs love you when you have a ball, but a guinea pig’s love is for life.

Image: Netflix

She's literally just a ball of fur

Don’t you just want to rub your face in that adorable ball of fluffiness? Don’t lie to me.

Image: Netflix

Cashew should totally have her own show.

Are you listening, Netflix? Get on that spin-off, pronto. We’re waiting…

Image: grabbingsand/tumblr