5 Denim Must-Haves For This Fall

by Tyler Atwood

Unless you consistently find yourself bound into '50s-era girdles, cashmere sweater sets, and circle skirts a la Mad Men's Betty Draper, it's safe to assume you have an unwavering loyalty to a certain style of jeans. However, each season brings with it a new crop of "trendy" cuts, whether they be the slim trousers of Fall 2012 or 2011's super-skinny jeggings. But no matter what your denim preference, you may want to venture outside the box this fall, because the upcoming season has some incredibly flattering — and creative — jeans to offer.

The season's favoritism of more funky, fun silhouettes and styles might be traced back to fashion's gradual move away from Photoshop and the acceptance of more than the stereotypically angular, model-esque figure. Indeed, many brands are beginning to embrace their consumers' diverse shapes instead of marketing to a single, slender demographic. And as a result, fashion has finally begun to move beyond the super-skinny jean. If you love a relaxed fit, boyfriend jeans are your best bet for autumn. For those more inclined to try a streamlined look, a straight leg is the perfect investment. And consumers who adore an outlandish style will have no problem finding a trendy design to fit their ostentatious taste thanks to a handful of more daring looks. Read on for five essential styles of denim to stock up on for fall 2014.


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If you're attached at the hip to your skinny jeans, try trading them in for an equally flattering straight leg pair. The only different between the two styles is a slightly more roomy cut; while skinny jeans hug every curve, straight leg jeans typically leave more to the imagination with a less constrictive cut.


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You've been hearing about boyfriend jeans since roughly 2009 when the look became de rigueur for celebrities. No matter what your feelings about the style, it's time to accept that this trend isn't on its way out anytime soon. Luckily, the boyfriend makes a perfect transition piece from summer into fall thanks to the design's relaxed fit and lovely, breezy cut. Pair with a chunky knit for a cozy leaf-crunching look, or a white button down and heels to evoke a more ladylike aura.


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Yes, overalls are a summer 2014 trend. But because the style flits in and out of fashion so quickly, it may be best to get your hands on a pair before the look is suddenly passé. In the worst case scenario, you'll have an ensemble you don't mind using to paint your apartment or go on that off-roading adventure you've been meaning to take.


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Distressed denim is a polarizing style if there ever was one. But even if you can't bring yourself to actually snap up a ripped pair, steel yourself for seeing them everywhere, from the streets to the cocktail bar. For those who love a rebellious statement with a certain je ne sais quois, however, this may be the style for you.


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Traditional jeans are back in, meaning that the high-waisted, medium wash pair you have hidden in the back of your closet from the mid '90s can finally see the light of day again. However, bear in mind that the bulkier the jean, the larger your figure will appear no matter how enviably fit you may be in actuality. Your best bet for a modern interpretation of the style is to try an ever-so-slightly slouchy pair with a fitted waist. Feel free to strike a pose in the manner of Brooke Shields' famed ad circa 1980 if you so desire.

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