Have You Seen The New Hudson Jeans?

by Tyler Atwood

You may think you understand the Hudson Jeans brand concept, but as of the company's summer revamp, it may be time to get reacquainted with the company and its values. Women's Wear Daily reports that Hudson is undergoing a major rebranding effort which will highlight the company's devotion to its consumers. Hudson has been known for its fabulously flattering silhouettes, trademark triangular back pockets, and Union Jack logo since the company's founding in 2002. Combined with an adoring celebrity fan base ranging from Cara Delevingne to Britney Spears, the company's winning formula has proved incredibly lucrative over the past decade.

However, as any true denim devotee knows, the perfect pair of jeans isn't just determined by the number of Hollywood starlets rocking a pair. The choice comes down to fit, style, and often the company's attitude towards consumers who don't measure in at six feet and one hundred pounds. Luckily, Hudson Jeans CEO Peter Kim is all about respecting and embracing his consumers, and most importantly, not depreciating them by. When asked by Women's Wear Daily about the impetus behind the brand renovation, Kim stated that he takes issue with a very specific and antiquated buzz word used in the garment industry:

Aspirational — I hear this word all the time and it makes me puke. Aspiration isn’t just physical beauty. Aspiration is what you’re doing in life.

Bearing this holistic view of lifestyle and aspiration in mind, the company plans to eschew the use of models to drive home the message that Hudson jeans are for everyone, not just impossibly slim celebrities and couture darlings. In addition, Kim has chosen key words including "real" and "optimistic" as the driving ideas behind the brand's renaissance, as well as culling a group of real people to promote the jeans in its forthcoming social media and video campaign, stating:

The key part is their story. We’re telling positive, inspirational stories of real people doing things.

The project also boasts an experimental new logo; while the trademark still contains the red white and blue of the Union Jack, the letters of each word now have a casual arch to them. One might even say the form evokes the shape of an hourglass figure.

The Hudson Jean company's website perfectly sums up the new initiative in a single sentence, assuring shoppers:

Our purpose is to inspire people to live their dreams, look and feel amazing, and to be real.

As a woman who even on her best day doesn't look remotely like the brand's former spokeswoman Georgia May Jagger, it's refreshing to see a brand embracing the bona fide woman instead of an imitable model.

Image: HudsonJeans/Twitter