13 Coffee-Filled Recipes to Get Your Buzz on Morning, Noon, and Night

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There is a time and a place, we’re told, to indulge a coffee habit. A cup with the morning paper? How very responsible! An afternoon pick-me-up? Quite respectable. But let’s be honest: one civilized pour of coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore. What about our caffeine cravings at all other hours of the day? What if we want the nectar of the gods not only for breakfast, but for lunch, dinner, and dessert, too?

Coffee junkies, we hear you. But since friends don’t let friends guzzle their joe by the gallon, we’re asking you to step away from the Starbucks counter. This week, let’s get sneaky. You’ll start off with double the coffee for breakfast — hidden in French toast, slipped into your muffins — and then, you’ll caffeinate everything, from bacon to the most devious cocktails. Take a deep breath and get brewing. You won’t be sleeping much tonight.

Image: How Sweet Eats

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