This Sassy Vamp’s Days Could Be Numbered

True Blood has introduced many memorable characters throughout its seven-year run, but there’s one badass vamp-ess that will forever leave a high-heal shaped print on our still-beating hearts, and that is Pam De Beaufort. I mean, how can you not love this lady? Her sassy nature and general loathing of Sookie Stackhouse has always been a welcome pleasure amid the show’s usual gore and bloodshed. Plus, she loves Eric more than anything else in the world — something I think a majority of the female population can sympathize with. But now with True Blood’s series finale a mere two episodes away, I’m beginning to grow more and more concerned that Pam may die in the True Blood series finale.

I know, I know — it’s difficult to even imagine something like that happening to such a beloved character, and lord knows she isn’t the only Bon Temps resident in danger of facing her demise. (I’m looking at you, Sam Merlotte!) However, this death somehow seems almost inevitable, especially now that her maker, Eric, is no longer dying of Hep-V. On this show, good news always comes with a price, and I fear it’s time for Pam to meet her maker… or rather, her maker’s maker. (Get it?)

I mean, just look at all the signs…

Death Has Been Chasing Pam All Season

Anyone else find it a little strange just how many times Pam’s life has been put in danger throughout this season alone? First, she tempted fate by playing Russian Roulette in exchange for information regarding Eric’s whereabouts in the season premiere. Then Mr. Gus threatened to kill her if Eric didn’t surrender himself when they were in Dallas. Just recently, Pam threatened to stake herself if Eric didn’t spare Sarah Newlin’s life so he could drink her Hep-V cure-all blood. Even during a flashback, we saw Eric sacrifice Sylvie, the woman he loved, in order to save Pam from the True Death. See what I mean? We’ve witnessed her life in jeopardy a lot lately, which makes me wonder if the writers are trying to tell us something.

She Has One Big Weakness

You’ve probably heard of him. His name is Eric Northman. The way I see it, this could all go down in one of two ways: either she will find herself in a situation where Eric is, for once, unable to save her OR she’ll willingly sacrifice herself in order to save him. She’s put her life on the line for him countless times before and I have no doubt she’d do it again in a heartbeat. (I know vampires don’t have heartbeats, but you get the idea.) Her love for him could end up being her downfall. But if she has to die, we couldn’t think of a better person for her to die for.

She’s Made Many Enemies

When you’ve lived for over a hundred years and you speak your mind as often as Pam does, you’re bound to make a few enemies. Remember how that got her in trouble with Marnie during Season 4? Odds are that's only the tip of the iceberg regarding who she’s pissed off throughout her time as a vampire. Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone from her past just randomly showed up and got their revenge? Granted, it seems kinda unlikely given how little time we have left of the season, but still… you have to admit that would be some twist. Even saying the wrong thing to one of Mr. Gus’ henchmen could result in her meeting the sun. Let’s just hope that if that happens, there isn’t wall-to-wall carpeting. Because that would just be the worst.

The Proof Is in the Poster

Before the final season kicked off, True Blood released several cryptic character promos (emphasis on the word crypt) along with a few rather telling tag lines. Take Pam's for instance, which reads "Off With Their Head." Is this a hint as to how Pam's life will end? Is that her future skull that she's holding? Will she be decapitating someone? Maybe Sookie? Or is this simply a gimmick to promote the show and nothing more? It's hard to say, but either way it seems this lady vamp will have a bone, or rather, skull to pick with someone.

Because Sookie Ruins Everything

Pam seriously cannot stand the sight of Sookie, which she’s made abundantly clear to pretty much anyone who will listen. She’s the only woman who’s stood a chance of stealing Eric away from her, and it’s that very thing that could end up leading to her demise. I lied before when I said there were only two ways Pam could die. There is a third option, but you’re not going to like it. Similar to the flashback episode, Eric could once again be given the choice to save either Pam or the woman he loves — in this case that would mean Sookie — and he decides to choose Sookie over Pam. The thought kind of has a poetic cruelty about it — getting sacrificed in order to save your sworn enemy.

But no matter what, I'm sure Pam will make the best out of any situation.

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