Eric Won't Die On 'True Blood,' But Bill Won't Last Now That He Denied the Cure

Do you hear that? It's the sound of the entire True Blood community taking one big collective sigh of relief. After months of wishing and hoping — even praying to Billith — that this moment would come, it finally has: Eric has been cured of Hep-V! That's right, folks, our beloved Viking vampire is not going to die after all… at least not by the hand of some silly little virus. It's seriously the best thing that's happened all season, though since the writers insisted on taking away Alcide from us, it was sort of the least they could do.

Realizing that she was completely surrounded and outnumbered, Sarah Newlin (or New-Me, if you prefer) makes the surprisingly smart decision to accept her fate and give herself up to the mercy of Eric's wrath. And while he was seriously tempted to end her life right then and there, Eric has a change of heart once Pam (bless her) threatens her own life if he chooses revenge over curing himself. If he dies, she dies. (Seriously, I love these two.) So now he's healed and those unflattering Hep-V veins are no more. (And we can finally get back to admiring that glorious heavage of his.) However, like so many things on this show, the cure comes with a bit of a twist.

Shortly afterward, Mr. Gus tells Eric and Pam that he's already successfully synthesized Sarah's blood and can produce the cure in high quantities. Now the rest of the infected vampire population can finally be saved, right? Not so fast. Mr. Gus is a businessman first and foremost. He doesn't want the creation of "New Blood" (aka Tru Blood 2.0) to completely cure all the vampires, otherwise how would he be expected to make a profit? He needs to give his customers incentive to keep coming back for more, which means he's concocting a serum that will only temporarily cure Hep-V. If they want to remain cured, they'll just have to keep buying more for the rest of their immortal lives.

It's a pretty genius plan actually. Unfortunately, that means Eric and Pam are sworn to secrecy about this sly little scheme, which doesn't bode well for Bill's highly critical Hep-V situation. But thanks to Sookie's inability to stay out of situations she should not be involved in, this clever faerie is able to sneak Bill into Fangtasia for a taste of Sarah's cure-all blood. So the cure is there, standing right in front of Bill. There's just one problem… he decides not to take it.

You heard me — Bill is willingly passing up the chance to cure himself. Let's all say it together, shall we? WTF?!?!

Is it just me or does this make absolutely no sense whatsoever? I mean, it wasn't as if he would've had to kill Sarah to become cured, so this can't really be a moral issue that he's struggling with. And now that Sookie and Bill are finally back together, his decision is even more perplexing. What am I missing here?

Maybe it's because Bill no longer wants to be the darkness in Sookie's life, like his dream about her holding a dark, faceless baby seemed to imply. Maybe he's just ready to move on, hence all the human flashbacks of his we've witnessed this season. Or perhaps, like many of us, Bill is actually Team Eric.

Now that would be a major plot twist I could get behind. Seriously though, Bill — what gives?

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO;; ericandsookie/Tumblr