What's The Song In That Sprint Framily Plan Commercial? This Tune Is Super Catchy

Tell your TV set to gird its loins, because there's a new crew of Framily ads in town*. In one of the new Sprint TV spots, the Frobinsons show off their respective athletic prowesses (prowii?): Heidi dances with a ribbon baton, Chuck plays table tennis, Grandpa throws some jabs, Zack preps for a wrestling meet, Gor-don does a flip off of some bleachers, and Hamster Dad jumps over hurdles. The Frobinsons' Fritness Frun is set to a throbbing (oh my god, I hate that word. I am so sorry I chose to use it) EDM track. A track that caught my ears the very first time I saw the commercial. What IS that song??? I typed my inquiry into the Google search bar, and within milliseconds, I had my answer: It’s “Mobbin” by Grandtheft featuring Hedspin.

*I can see it now: The commercials, bedecked with spurs and leather dusters, walk into a saloon. A hush falls over the room. "More Framily ads," a patron whispers to the bartender. The ads order whiskey with a splash of whiskey, and proceed to spit chewing tobacky wherever they want. The pianist coughs nervously. One of the ads notices the tense mood. "Don't worry," it says, being sure to establish eye contact with everyone in the saloon. "The talking hamster is still around." There is a collective sigh of relief. The pianist resumes playing, conversations pick up where they left off, and the Framily commercials continue to spit tobacky on the floor.

Grandtheft is producer/DJ from Toronto and Hedspin is a Vancouver-based DJ. Both are part of Canadian DJ crew The EH! Team. Here's "Mobbin" in its entirety (get ready for that drop):

Does Gordon stick the landing? We may never know:

Image: Sprint/YouTube