Khloe Kardashian's Feud with Kris Jenner Isn't Her First Big Fight Caught on 'KUWTK'

While other reality shows may have wine-throwing, rumor-fueled fights, Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Khloe is capable of adding a lot of biting wit and throwing plenty of shade during her arguments. Khloe is the resident bard of sophisticated smack talking, being able to deliver whip fast calculated lines all before Kim can finish snapping her latest selfie. Though Khloe is currently dating rapper French Montana, she still finds time between chasing new love to argue with her family members.

But before you get to thinking Khloe is mean, let's backtrack. At her core, Khloe is pretty sensitive and intuitive about people. You can see it in the way she's affectionate with her stepdad Bruce, or totally besties with bro-in-law Scott Disick (technically Kourtney and Scott aren't married, but they've been together so long I'm sure Khloe sees him as more than her sister's boyfriend). She's also quick-witted and funny, which is welcome on a show that could easily become as vapid as Lord Disick's latest car purchase.

This week's episode of KUWTK will pit Khloe against her momager Kris Jenner, so to prepare, check out some of Khloe's best blowouts.

She's Not Always The Bad Guy

Despite her ability to throw a lot of haterade around, Khloe does have a soft spot for her younger sisters Kylie and Kendall. During a family trip to Greece, Kendall was visibly upset with her half-sister, so Khloe decided to investigate. Not for the purpose of lashing out, but to see what she had done to upset the young Jenner.

Go Take A Selfie

The most classic Khloe shade came when Kim blasted her for trying to duck out of their Thailand trip early and Khloe shot back with a swift "why don't you go take some more selfies?" Kim replies by implying that Khloe is being selfish, and Khloe ends the exchange on a self-deprecating note indicating she feels a little burned by her singledom.

Seeking New Momagent

Most recently, Khloe got angry at her mother for not protecting her interests and pre-screening interview questions for anything that might upset her, like references to her failed marriage and romantic life. It's about time someone called Kris out. There's no doubt she is fiercely dedicated to her daughters' careers, but occasionally her own stage mom ambition takes over their needs and wants. One of the saddest moments on the show was Kim's first Playboy shoot where she was hesitant to go topless, but mom Kris encouraged her to do it, even posing topless herself to prove how it was harmless. Sure the moments make for great publicity and great television, but they're not the best if you want to avoid fights with your daughters.

The Ends Justify The Means

She's not above dominating through force, but for altruistic reasons. Even though she and Scott are total besties now, when he was still on-again off-again with Kourtney, Khloe laid down the law to prevent her sister from calling him.

Regarding Nancy

It was pretty mean, but also kind of hilarious when Khloe and Kourtney began calling Kim "Nancy" so they could talk smack about her to her face. This is Khloe at her mean girl-iest.

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