Did Lena Really Do That To Her Hair?

by Shorey Andrews

Celebrity haircuts have this way of fascinating us. Maybe it's because we have become so used to seeing a celebrity in a certain way that when they go ahead and completely change that, it sends a shock to our system. For example, Lena Dunham revealed a platinum blonde bowl cut on Instagram this week and it has left many fans scratching their heads with confusion. The confusing part isn't the fact that the Girls creator has switched things up so drastically. Fans are more plagued with the question, "Is this real?"

It's a legitimate question to ask. Social media accounts have become a personal playground for celebs to make grand announcements or pull pranks on their fans and Dunham seems to be just the gal to trick her fans on Instagram. This retro look reminds me of another time Dunham confused an audience. When she appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in the form of Sia and became the main focal point of Sia's performance for "Chandelier." Is it possible that she just couldn't get enough of Sia's look and felt the urge to create her own version?

Season four of HBO's Girls just wrapped this week and shortly after that announcement Dunham took to her Instagram with the photo of her new 'do and one simple caption: "Change is good." This further supports the idea that perhaps Dunham really has gone through with this platinum blonde bowl cut. Only time will tell if we have been tricked, or if Duham has in fact completely changed her look to a more retro inspired mane. I for one am willing to bet my money on the latter.

UPDATE: Looks like Dunham's not faking us out this time — she posted the much more convincing snap below later Saturday night. Adorable!

Images: LenaDunham/Instagram (2)