How Will Christina Aguilera's New Music Sound?

Instead of preparing for a night out on the town, or anxiously looking forward to sleeping in, Christina Aguilera kicked her weekend off in a much more exciting way. Saturday, the singer and The Voice coach Christina Aguilera gave birth to a baby girl. Although Aguilera's new bundle of joy is still adjusting to life outside the womb, I'm already wondering if she'll have her mother's extraordinary vocal talents. At this point, she can barely do anything with her vocal chords other than wail, so I'll hold off on plotting her career path for now. Meanwhile, let's ponder on how becoming a mother for the second time around might impact the sound of Aguilera's new music.

In April, when Aguilera officially confirmed that she was working on new music, she tweeted, "So blissful in taking this time for creating all things blossoming new on the horizon...album, baby & beautiful music to come." In making such a poetic statement about recording music throughout her pregnancy, I would expect for Aguilera's follow-up to her 2012 Lotus album to give off a more mellow, emotional vibe, compared to some of the more boisterous, edgy music she's released in the past. Even though she's obviously left certain visible elements from her Dirrty days behind her, one thing that her music will likely maintain from that era is an overall theme of confidence. When Aguilera spoke about her nude pregnancy photoshoot for V Magazine, the "Say Something" singer emphasized confidence, fearlessness and the ability to embrace her body "through all stages of life."

That proclamation, along with Aguilera now being the mother of a little girl suggests that in addition to a collection of beautiful ballads that tug on our heartstrings, we can probably expect some more girl power anthems for baby Aguilera to listen to and be inspired by.