Xtina's Daughter Needs to Hear These 6 Songs

You guys, I think Christina Aguilera is trying to force her baby out of her womb with the power of her soulful voice! OK, she's not really ready to give birth just yet, but honestly, when the time is right, that isn't that bad of an idea. Gotta use that strong voice for all it's worth, right? What Aguilera really did was play music for her baby daughter by holding headphones up to her belly. And this wasn't any old music, this was Aguilera's new music. A photo of the listening party was posted on Aguilera's Instagram and shows that she's in the recording studio. Doesn't that mean the baby already heard the music while Aguilera was singing and recording it? Does she really need the headphones too? Whatever! I'll let Aguilera and her little one have their moment.

As for what exactly the baby was hearing, that's top secret. Aguilera captioned the pic, "Baby girl getting first listen to what mama's been creating in the studio." No fans have heard the music yet, and I think we all know the baby isn't going to spill any secrets. So, while we wait to hear Aguilera's new songs whenever they end up being released, I thought it be nice to give Aguilera some suggestions for other songs she should play to mini-Xtina. Sure, that baby's heard the new music, but has she heard "Genie in a Bottle?" I think not! (Well, maybe, but whatevs.)


This baby NEEDS to hear "Beautiful" right now. It is just so freakin' positive. The baby would come into the world knowing that words can't bring her down and that no one can fault her for being herself.

"Ain't No Other Man"

Now I know what you're thinking, is a song about a romantic relationship really the best choice for a baby? To that I say, it's not about the content. It's about the fact that even if things start off really well for you (Aguilera's earlier career), you can make mistakes (lace-up low-rise pants and bad weaves), and still comeback and do yo' thang (making an awesome song called "Ain't No Other Man" that shows off her amazing voice).

"Come on Over (All I Want Is You)"

This baby didn't get to experience the late '90s-early 2000s, so she will need to be eased into this period of time before she's born and sees photos of her mom's ridiculous get-ups and the turn of the century eye assault that is the "Come on Over" music video.


It's about self-discovery, and this baby girl will probably have to do some of that considering her mom is super famous and the entire world will know her as "Christina Aguilera's daughter."

"What a Girl Wants"

Girl power! Don't stick with someone who doesn't give you what you need!


Let the bad things in life make you stronger! Tell 'em Xtina! I mean... tell your baby with headphones.

Image: Christina Aguilera/Instagram