'Big Brother's Zach & Ariana Grande (Zariana) Might Replace Zankie Thanks to Frankie's Photos

Forget the ongoing saga that is Zankie or that touchy-feely faux showmance between Christine and Cody, the real couple worth talking about from Sunday night's Big Brother episode was Zach and... Ariana Grande? The pop star and sister of Big Brother houseguest Frankie Grande made an appearance on the show during Sunday night's episode and she made Zach and Caleb go gaga.

Okay, so she wasn't technically on the show, but she was seen on screen when HoH Frankie had photos of her and read a letter that she wrote him. Caleb, as expected, instantly called her "beautiful," which sent a chill down Frankie's spine. "Oh no, please," Frankie cried over creepy Caleb's declaration, adding, "He's gonna be obsessed with her."

Caleb may be as obsessed with Ariana Grande as a 14-year-old girl, but even he didn't come up with a couple name like Frankie's not-quite other half Zach did. In the blink of an eye Zankie made way for Zach's self-declared romance with Ariana called — you guessed it — Zariana. (You think the "Problem" singer would be game for a duet called "Fruit Loop Dingus"? I smell a hit!)

While Zach may have had his sights temporarily set on Ariana, it's pretty clear the Grande who has his heart is still Frankie. After all, the two had a late night chat about fluid sexuality and coming out that should pretty much satisfy the needs of Zankie shippers long after Season 16 ends. Hey, their romance could make for a song, too.

Image: CBS